LATE REGISTRATION FORM:  All late registers need to fill out this form to be added to an existing team.  

REGISTRATION REQUEST:  All requests need to be sent using this form to be considered.

Registration is coming up for the Spring 2015 Season! The fees are $60 for U5-U10 and $75 for U11 and up.

U11 and up – starts Dec 20th through Jan 20th.
U5 - U10 – starts Dec 20th through Feb 6th.

If you are interested in registering after the closing date, please contact Emily O'Riley to see if there is space available.  Teams have to be turned into GDMJSL and CISL on these closing dates.  At that point no additional teams can be added so it is important to register early if you want a spot on a team!

Checks can be mailed to:

HOISC     P.O. Box 5    Gilbert, Iowa 50105

(Players will be contacted by their coach the middle of March and games will start the beginning of April.)

Follow this link to register with the Heart of Iowa Soccer Club (HOISC) and if you have any questions, please contact the HOISC Registrar 

Links to forms needed for registration:

Medical Release Form - Please fill this form out and give it to your coach at the first practice.

Volunteer Disclosure Form

Team Formation Information:

Fall team formations are made randomly from the pool of players.  Roster sizes can not exceed 6 players for U5/U6; 8 players for U7/U8; 10 players for U9/U10; 14 players for U11/U12 and 18 players for U14 and up.  Spring teams will try to remain as consistent as possible to Fall teams for players that register on time.  However, players will be moved to make equal, viable teams that allow the most players to play.  All requests for team assignment (especially those that move a player up) will be reviewed and approved by the board.  Requests that are granted will only be granted for the current season.  At the beginning of each new season players will automatically default back to their correct age group.  We cannot except specific requests to be on a specific team with specific players because these are "recreational" teams (per Iowa Soccer Association Membership Rules)